Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hello hello

So, HI
This is the third blog I create. The first one just had started to take off when I accidentally deleted it.
The second failed miserably.
So, the third strike better be the winner.

I've been thinking whether I should make it all just rambling about my daily boring and not so boring ocurrences OR just pictures of my daily outfits. I'm not a fashionista, far from it actually. But I've always wanted to keep a record of my daily mix and matches.

Well, I'll attemp to do both here. Little literacy, little fashion.

I'm not really that photogenic so until I get really confident with the camera, pictures will be pretty mediocre. I'll try my best!

Also, I am at crossroads whether to make it in English or Spanish (my mother tongue). I'll try to have both when time allows it. If not, English.

I'll officially start posting after I finish finals, meaning a week from now. Of course, summer time won't be really interesting comparing to school time or as full with funny anecdotes, so I think I'll take the time to fill you in about what's been going on through the year.

So, I officially open this blog. Good luck to me :D and thank you reader ! 

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