Monday, 26 December 2011

Summer schedules

So, I'm in the hunt for a new year's eve party and still haven't found the one. Lots of offers, but they all seem so far out the city or don't sound exciting enough. I hope I can find somewhere cool to dance all night. I'm also figuring out my summer. I'm taking a course in university and I've got to take back my french lessons and of course let's not forget my dance training. wow.. I hope I manage to fit it all

How was your Christmas btw? Mine was nice, the dinner, the presents, the fireworks... Lovely

Thursday, 22 December 2011


So, I said I wouldn't stop posting,=. I know. But! I was left without Internet and helpless. I'm just catching up with everything so I'll try to get back on the daily posting as soon as I can


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Today I am alone

Yesterday I had my dance performance. After a hard year of work we performed in front of all the teacher of the School and our guests.. I WAS SOO NERVOUS. Here's when I tell you I like to dance. I'm not A DANCER OR A BALLERINA, but I love to dance! And I don't give up the dream of becoming one of those thing one day.
Along with my university classes, I take dance classes and body training twice a week. Three hours of hard work wich drain every drop of energy of my body but I absolutely adore. Maybe next year I'll apply to the Dance School in my university. It's the most prestigious of the country. Really hard to get it, BUT a girl is got to try.

So, yesterday was my performance. We danced to this beautiful song. Little person, from the soundtrack of "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind"

Anyway that was good, my family and friends went to support me and my boyfriend got me flowers. Perfect evening.

My evening tonight however SUCKS!

So... I've been planning this for weeks. When universities finish exams, they organize parties. I always go to the parties of another university. One some friends from my school attend but I don't. These parties are always in the outskirts of the city in big country clubs, so it makes them a little fancy and hard to either get tickets or to get mum's permission

I planned the whole thing. I got the permission. My father would pick me and my boyfriend. My friend would buy us the tickets. I had the perfect outfit and I didn't even have to buy anything. 

I was all set when today everything started to fall apart.

My father called telling me he couldn't take me. My friend came to give me back the money because she didn't got tickets and now I won't get to wear that perfect outfit.

But it doesn't end there.

After I told my boyfriend all these things, he said his friends had a small gathering we could go to. i inmediately said YES!

I cleared the new plans with my mum, again. And just when I was coming up with a new outfit he calls again saying he doesn't want to go.. Logical. We never go to parties toguether. In our 17 months of relationship we've only been in what, 8 parties? And 80% were in the first six months, when all thing were shiny and new. Gosh, I fell like I'm in an old married couple. I've confronted him about this. Why won't you take me to any of your friends parties. ( Because he goes to his friends parties at least one a month) He says they are small things that they are not worth the while. But he goes, to ALL OF THEM!
Finally when I tell him I can go to one, he backs out at the last minute.
God, I'm soo pist. I'm about to make a sign. I'll hang it in my bedroom and it will say: HE WILL NEVER TAKE YOU TO ANY PARTY. STOP TRYING.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dinner and Christmas decor!


Yesterday was my grandpa's birthday! 89 years! Can you believe it!

We had a special dinner for him.. With his favorite dishes and cake.. It was really nice. We stayed up late just talking and everything.

Today is a holiday in my country. So neither my mum or my aunt went to work. I however had to get up early to take Princess to the vet.. She has to go every day to get eye drops... The I had a long yummy breakfast watching old episodes of Grey Anatomy and Legally Blond for the hundred time.

Then we had lunch of what we dined yesterday. I dare say it tasted even better. 

Afterwards, my boyfriend came over for a couple of hours. He leaved early because he had a family reunion. Anyway just those two hours with him where marvelous. 

Then, more TV with mum, walk with princess and now we are continuing with the Christmas decor. It's endless! But my aunt has bought sooo many little things that it seem she'll never get to put them all.

I better help!!

How are your Christmas decor going on?
 I'll post the finished look soon!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Axxs Too Blouse. 47 St. Jeans. Dejavu Cardigan. Nude wedges-thrifted 


I didn't post yesterday. But I've got a excuse if it's worth something. ALSO, today is my first picture post. I'll see how it goes with the outfit pics, if they don't work I won't do them. Sorr for the quality, I'll get better I promise!! There are three different qualities too, I'll choose the best one on the next post too.

Remember I had a date with my boyfriend. well, it turned out much better than expected, we didn't talk about what happened over the weekend (ignorance is bliss) BUT he was really nice and I dare say it was one of the best dates in the last months. I really needed it. We both needed it.

On a sad note, when I got home I found my puppy Princess ( I'll post pictures of her soon) did something to her eye, which was really watery and fuzzy. I took her to the vet first thing today, the prescribed her eyedrops and she has to wear this big collar (which actually resembles a little to Lady Gaga) for a week.

Everyone at home is really sad, this is the first time she is got something serious. Hopefully she'll be fully recovered for the holidays

We are going to set up the tree so I'm closing the post here. 
Please comment if you want me to keep posting outfit looks or you wish to keep it all writing!


Ps. Along with the style pictures I put one of me, the one on my profile is an old picture but it's the one I use everywhere. The grey eyes are contacts btw!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Well today was chill-DIY day..

We are preparing our house for Christmas  so my mom got this crazy idea to paint the entire house BY OURSELVES. Here's when I tell you about my family. There are 5 of us. My grandparents, my aunt, my mom and I. 
So imagine my aunt, my mom and I pretending to be handy men.

Well, we ended up with our clothes painted, including my puppy Princess. I took here to have a bath and the went to a nearby restaurant to grab something for breakfast. That was a waste of time, they didn't take credit cards so I spent 30 minutes in line for nothing staring at food I didn't buy.

The rest of the day we painted and then painted some more. We had lunch at 5 pm in the afternoon wich is obviously wrong. My tummy hurt soo much! 

My godparents came to have some tea. I love when they come. They are Really funny and it's a perfect excuse for us to get together and talk for hours. 

 But I think we are finally done so we'll probably set up the Christmas decoration further this week. 

My boyfriend just told me he wants to go out tomorrow, I hope it goes well. he didn't come either. I called him around 6, but we didn't talk much. We didn't know what to say to each other.

That's a bad thing right?

I'll tell you how things go tomorrow. I think it's time things star going better, but you never know.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

So, today was my last exam. I am finally done with university. Well, at least this year!
I still have to go a couple times to check my grades and all but no more stress for me !

I should've gone with my mates to have something to eat and celebrate the end of semester. But instead, I went home to have lunch with the family. It wasn't bad either. My mom was really happy and let me share a whole wine bottle with her. Lots of giggles!

They spent the rest of the afternoon painting the living room walls and I watched like 4 movies in a row and passed out.

My boyfriend called to say he wouldn't come today because he was going to play videogames with his friend. That was dissapointing. I was all dressed up for ice cream.

Well I watched more TV and slept some more. Walked with my puppy a while and came home. He called again, he is going out. Again, dissapointing.

I wonder, why doesn't he say. "I've got a party LET'S Go? THE TWO OF US? While he is out partying I'm stuck here to watch even more TV. 

I presume you must think my life is pretty depressing.

Well, sometimes, IT IS

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hello hello

So, HI
This is the third blog I create. The first one just had started to take off when I accidentally deleted it.
The second failed miserably.
So, the third strike better be the winner.

I've been thinking whether I should make it all just rambling about my daily boring and not so boring ocurrences OR just pictures of my daily outfits. I'm not a fashionista, far from it actually. But I've always wanted to keep a record of my daily mix and matches.

Well, I'll attemp to do both here. Little literacy, little fashion.

I'm not really that photogenic so until I get really confident with the camera, pictures will be pretty mediocre. I'll try my best!

Also, I am at crossroads whether to make it in English or Spanish (my mother tongue). I'll try to have both when time allows it. If not, English.

I'll officially start posting after I finish finals, meaning a week from now. Of course, summer time won't be really interesting comparing to school time or as full with funny anecdotes, so I think I'll take the time to fill you in about what's been going on through the year.

So, I officially open this blog. Good luck to me :D and thank you reader !