Saturday, 10 December 2011

Today I am alone

Yesterday I had my dance performance. After a hard year of work we performed in front of all the teacher of the School and our guests.. I WAS SOO NERVOUS. Here's when I tell you I like to dance. I'm not A DANCER OR A BALLERINA, but I love to dance! And I don't give up the dream of becoming one of those thing one day.
Along with my university classes, I take dance classes and body training twice a week. Three hours of hard work wich drain every drop of energy of my body but I absolutely adore. Maybe next year I'll apply to the Dance School in my university. It's the most prestigious of the country. Really hard to get it, BUT a girl is got to try.

So, yesterday was my performance. We danced to this beautiful song. Little person, from the soundtrack of "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind"

Anyway that was good, my family and friends went to support me and my boyfriend got me flowers. Perfect evening.

My evening tonight however SUCKS!

So... I've been planning this for weeks. When universities finish exams, they organize parties. I always go to the parties of another university. One some friends from my school attend but I don't. These parties are always in the outskirts of the city in big country clubs, so it makes them a little fancy and hard to either get tickets or to get mum's permission

I planned the whole thing. I got the permission. My father would pick me and my boyfriend. My friend would buy us the tickets. I had the perfect outfit and I didn't even have to buy anything. 

I was all set when today everything started to fall apart.

My father called telling me he couldn't take me. My friend came to give me back the money because she didn't got tickets and now I won't get to wear that perfect outfit.

But it doesn't end there.

After I told my boyfriend all these things, he said his friends had a small gathering we could go to. i inmediately said YES!

I cleared the new plans with my mum, again. And just when I was coming up with a new outfit he calls again saying he doesn't want to go.. Logical. We never go to parties toguether. In our 17 months of relationship we've only been in what, 8 parties? And 80% were in the first six months, when all thing were shiny and new. Gosh, I fell like I'm in an old married couple. I've confronted him about this. Why won't you take me to any of your friends parties. ( Because he goes to his friends parties at least one a month) He says they are small things that they are not worth the while. But he goes, to ALL OF THEM!
Finally when I tell him I can go to one, he backs out at the last minute.
God, I'm soo pist. I'm about to make a sign. I'll hang it in my bedroom and it will say: HE WILL NEVER TAKE YOU TO ANY PARTY. STOP TRYING.

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