Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Axxs Too Blouse. 47 St. Jeans. Dejavu Cardigan. Nude wedges-thrifted 


I didn't post yesterday. But I've got a excuse if it's worth something. ALSO, today is my first picture post. I'll see how it goes with the outfit pics, if they don't work I won't do them. Sorr for the quality, I'll get better I promise!! There are three different qualities too, I'll choose the best one on the next post too.

Remember I had a date with my boyfriend. well, it turned out much better than expected, we didn't talk about what happened over the weekend (ignorance is bliss) BUT he was really nice and I dare say it was one of the best dates in the last months. I really needed it. We both needed it.

On a sad note, when I got home I found my puppy Princess ( I'll post pictures of her soon) did something to her eye, which was really watery and fuzzy. I took her to the vet first thing today, the prescribed her eyedrops and she has to wear this big collar (which actually resembles a little to Lady Gaga) for a week.

Everyone at home is really sad, this is the first time she is got something serious. Hopefully she'll be fully recovered for the holidays

We are going to set up the tree so I'm closing the post here. 
Please comment if you want me to keep posting outfit looks or you wish to keep it all writing!


Ps. Along with the style pictures I put one of me, the one on my profile is an old picture but it's the one I use everywhere. The grey eyes are contacts btw!

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