Saturday, 3 December 2011

So, today was my last exam. I am finally done with university. Well, at least this year!
I still have to go a couple times to check my grades and all but no more stress for me !

I should've gone with my mates to have something to eat and celebrate the end of semester. But instead, I went home to have lunch with the family. It wasn't bad either. My mom was really happy and let me share a whole wine bottle with her. Lots of giggles!

They spent the rest of the afternoon painting the living room walls and I watched like 4 movies in a row and passed out.

My boyfriend called to say he wouldn't come today because he was going to play videogames with his friend. That was dissapointing. I was all dressed up for ice cream.

Well I watched more TV and slept some more. Walked with my puppy a while and came home. He called again, he is going out. Again, dissapointing.

I wonder, why doesn't he say. "I've got a party LET'S Go? THE TWO OF US? While he is out partying I'm stuck here to watch even more TV. 

I presume you must think my life is pretty depressing.

Well, sometimes, IT IS

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