Saturday, 21 July 2012

My life now

So, I'm in vacations. At least from university, I'm still attending french lessons. Let me just say that's just as stressing. You see, the french institute it's one hour away from home, the lessons last 2 hours. So, from monday to thursday I leave home at 3 in the afternoon and get back at 7:30 at night. 
I do have to say it's great to have an excuse almost everyday, to see people and to learn new things. 

Though it's quite far from my house, the institute it's in one of the nicest parts of the cities, it's always full of tourists and well of cute guys. My institute also, is full of french exchange students that don't look bad either. 

Anyways, I like it.

Let me just share something with you guys.
A funny story, that will actually make you think I'm a dumb ass

I got lost. I've got lost in London, in Paris. Now, I got lost in my hometown, in the district I've gone to everyday for the past 5 months.
So stupid

Wait, and i'll tell you

Friday, 29 June 2012

And the dark night returns

So, I think it's honest to call myself a defeated blogger. I've think I've had like  3,4 blogs?
Last year when I created this one I decided that it would be the last one. I cannot keep failing at something that everyone clams to be "the easiest way to communicate in the era of information"

Why do I keep failing at blogging?

1. Because I do not have enough time. I study, at what I'm very proud to say, the best university of my country (therefore the hardest). So I do not have much free time. All I do is go to classes, read about those classes, more classes, more reading, and goes on. Some weekends I work, others I go out drinking to wine down after all the reading. Sometimes I do both.

2. I do not own a professional camera.  My original plan was to do all writing blog, about my everyday stupid anecdotes (which are not so funny sometimes). Then, I fell inlove with fashion blogs wich I read everyday. So I decided to do a fashion/writing blog. But If you bother yourselves to scroll down you'll see the terrible, awful, horrible quality of my pictures. My camera, a little Kodak with quite a few falls in record has the lenses totally screwed up, so my photos are quite terrible, no matter what

3. I do not have a photographer. Even if I had a professional camera I do not have anyone to hold it and press the button. I thought my friends at university could do it. But I feel like a bitch asking them to take me pictures everyday.

4. I do not have designer clothes. Almost every blogger I follow own beautiful, marvelous, 4 figure worth clothes, at least one item. I do not own anything like that. Therefore, compared to them I feel like a little flea in Harrods.

5. My internet quality sucks. I used to have a landline moden with a less-than-average speed. Then, my family removed the landline, so we ended up with no phone, and I with no internet. I've had to use the one in my university and check my facebook and twitter from my phone for quite few months. Then I discovered that my phone works as a modem, so I finally got real Internet again. But as you can see. It's not a steady relationship.

As you can see (and I could go on listing) I've got  sooo many reasons not to blog, and if I did I would most certainly fail. Like I've already have.

But here I am. In mid-year vacation. 31 days of nothing to do. The other 4 things will not get better anytime soon. But I decided to give it another try. This will not be a fashion blog because they will rarely be pictures, but do not hate me if I post one. This will be a writing blog that is not meant to be read.

I don't even now why I keep writing for readers. "As you can see".

I did a little makeover to the layout and decided I will only write in English. I will not advertise for this blog in anyway. It will be a little bubble in the Internet sea.
And I think I feel comfortable about that

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pampering day

Hello everyone!
Today was a pampering day for me. I went to the spa and had my toe nails done and a facial. I really needed them!! It's so relaxing, this really made my week!

I painted my toe nails bright turqoise, they look amazing!

Today I didn't go to the gym. I guess I could still go, but I feel so sleepy! I'll go early tomorrow and then to the work interview


Monday, 30 January 2012

Monoshort flowers

I wore this outfit yesterday for a day out with my bf, we went to the movies and saw "Inmortals". I really enjoyed Mikey Rourke's performance.

I'm really sorry about the quality of the picture but I just loved this outfit so much!! I'll try to do better next time!

Don't forget me

Hi! I know me not posting is inexcusable, BUT I guess it's because now I have stuff to do which is a lot better than those days when I had too much free time.
I joined the GYM which is great. I feel much better with myself and it's three hours away from home, the TV and the computer. I actually love working out and sports. The thrill and the endorfines are never enough for me.

Also, I'm applying for a job at my faculty's magazine, I have an interview on Wednesday.. Cross your fingers for me!, on top of that a friend of mine has a little niece that needs maths tutoring..

Some weeks ago I had absolutely nothnig to do, now I'm not sure how I'm going to balance it all.
And you know what? I LOVE IT.

I really love being busy all day running around the city. No time for sad thoughts or for anxious eating! Anyway, I really have enjoyed myself on the past weeks.. I had days out with my friends which were amazing and chill days with my bf seating on my couch Also, I've been pimping out my CHICTOPIA PROFILE: Please visit!

Friday, 13 January 2012


So, I just heard about this new online shop called Everlane. The offer designer-quality goods under $100. Sounds awesome right!

Join in today

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

First week of summer

So.. I'm oficially on vacation since is the first week of January and MEN! IS HOT IN HERE.. There's too much sun, way more than the amount a person should be comfortable with. It's not advisable to leave home within 10 to 3 pm. waa and at nights it gets worst.. I'm having lots of trouble sleeping.. I get up a lot just to wash my face.. Anyway.. enough bitching.. Today I went with my aunt and my cousin to the clinic. My cousin had some sort of rash in his leg since yesterday but today he woke up feverish so my aunt freaked out and took him to emergency. Turns out they took one loo k at him in the emergency room and sent us to consultory. The doctor there told us he needs plenty of rest and to take 8 pills a day. GOSH! Poor thing, I hope he gets better soon.

Perhaps I'll post again later. GOT MORE FREE TIME THAN IT'S HEALTHY

Monday, 2 January 2012



I had one of the best new year's I can remember.

In the afternoon of new year's eve I went with my mother to the hair salon. We both got our hair's cut. My mom got hers dyed as well and I got some cool tourqoise extensions.. They are lovely! I had wanted them for months and I got to show them in new years. They give this weird sense of confidence I can't explain.

Then, at midnight we spent it together and the fireworks were amazing!. My poor princess literally pied herself of fear. She is absolutely terrified of fireworks so she hides under my bed every time she hears them, but this time they were so many she just couldn't hold it.. 

We all had dinner together at midnight and around 2 my boyfriend came to pick me up. We went to a party, luckly it was like 20 minutes from our houses. It turned out to be a great party!! 2500 PEOPLE! I think that;'s the most crowded party I've ever been to. I had the greatest time, just me and my boyfriend dancing non-stop. I got home around 6 am. My feet hurt like hell but I think it was totally worth it!

How was your new year's eve?? Was it crazy fun or family cozy??

Feel free to comment :)