Wednesday, 4 January 2012

First week of summer

So.. I'm oficially on vacation since is the first week of January and MEN! IS HOT IN HERE.. There's too much sun, way more than the amount a person should be comfortable with. It's not advisable to leave home within 10 to 3 pm. waa and at nights it gets worst.. I'm having lots of trouble sleeping.. I get up a lot just to wash my face.. Anyway.. enough bitching.. Today I went with my aunt and my cousin to the clinic. My cousin had some sort of rash in his leg since yesterday but today he woke up feverish so my aunt freaked out and took him to emergency. Turns out they took one loo k at him in the emergency room and sent us to consultory. The doctor there told us he needs plenty of rest and to take 8 pills a day. GOSH! Poor thing, I hope he gets better soon.

Perhaps I'll post again later. GOT MORE FREE TIME THAN IT'S HEALTHY

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  1. yeii las vacaciones son lo máximo!