Friday, 29 June 2012

And the dark night returns

So, I think it's honest to call myself a defeated blogger. I've think I've had like  3,4 blogs?
Last year when I created this one I decided that it would be the last one. I cannot keep failing at something that everyone clams to be "the easiest way to communicate in the era of information"

Why do I keep failing at blogging?

1. Because I do not have enough time. I study, at what I'm very proud to say, the best university of my country (therefore the hardest). So I do not have much free time. All I do is go to classes, read about those classes, more classes, more reading, and goes on. Some weekends I work, others I go out drinking to wine down after all the reading. Sometimes I do both.

2. I do not own a professional camera.  My original plan was to do all writing blog, about my everyday stupid anecdotes (which are not so funny sometimes). Then, I fell inlove with fashion blogs wich I read everyday. So I decided to do a fashion/writing blog. But If you bother yourselves to scroll down you'll see the terrible, awful, horrible quality of my pictures. My camera, a little Kodak with quite a few falls in record has the lenses totally screwed up, so my photos are quite terrible, no matter what

3. I do not have a photographer. Even if I had a professional camera I do not have anyone to hold it and press the button. I thought my friends at university could do it. But I feel like a bitch asking them to take me pictures everyday.

4. I do not have designer clothes. Almost every blogger I follow own beautiful, marvelous, 4 figure worth clothes, at least one item. I do not own anything like that. Therefore, compared to them I feel like a little flea in Harrods.

5. My internet quality sucks. I used to have a landline moden with a less-than-average speed. Then, my family removed the landline, so we ended up with no phone, and I with no internet. I've had to use the one in my university and check my facebook and twitter from my phone for quite few months. Then I discovered that my phone works as a modem, so I finally got real Internet again. But as you can see. It's not a steady relationship.

As you can see (and I could go on listing) I've got  sooo many reasons not to blog, and if I did I would most certainly fail. Like I've already have.

But here I am. In mid-year vacation. 31 days of nothing to do. The other 4 things will not get better anytime soon. But I decided to give it another try. This will not be a fashion blog because they will rarely be pictures, but do not hate me if I post one. This will be a writing blog that is not meant to be read.

I don't even now why I keep writing for readers. "As you can see".

I did a little makeover to the layout and decided I will only write in English. I will not advertise for this blog in anyway. It will be a little bubble in the Internet sea.
And I think I feel comfortable about that

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