Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dinner and Christmas decor!


Yesterday was my grandpa's birthday! 89 years! Can you believe it!

We had a special dinner for him.. With his favorite dishes and cake.. It was really nice. We stayed up late just talking and everything.

Today is a holiday in my country. So neither my mum or my aunt went to work. I however had to get up early to take Princess to the vet.. She has to go every day to get eye drops... The I had a long yummy breakfast watching old episodes of Grey Anatomy and Legally Blond for the hundred time.

Then we had lunch of what we dined yesterday. I dare say it tasted even better. 

Afterwards, my boyfriend came over for a couple of hours. He leaved early because he had a family reunion. Anyway just those two hours with him where marvelous. 

Then, more TV with mum, walk with princess and now we are continuing with the Christmas decor. It's endless! But my aunt has bought sooo many little things that it seem she'll never get to put them all.

I better help!!

How are your Christmas decor going on?
 I'll post the finished look soon!


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